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Get in Shape for the New Year!

Sign up for our 35-Day Challenge beginning January 4th!

See details below to learn what you'll win!

We're starting our 35-Day Challenge on Monday, January 4th, 
but you may start on whatever day you choose. 
You get 5 extra days to complete any 30 classes in 35 days.
The challenge ends on Sunday, February 7th.

         Please sign-up on the Challenge Poster at either studio.
                                     All finishers win the Gift of Good Health,                                                     a free T-Shirt, are eligible for 50% off a                                                 10-class card (regularly $170), and                                                 will be entered into a drawing to win                                                  a 1-month unlimited membership                                                  ($150 value).

Welcome to Bikram Yoga

Morgan Hill and Gilroy!
We offer more than 
50 Classes
in both locations including:

Bikram Yoga
Inferno Hot Pilates
Yin Yoga
Hot and Warm Classes
90, 75  and 60 Minute Classes


$20 for 20

consecutive Days of

unlimited yoga*

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Jordan Smallwood

Student of the Month

Invitation to try

Bikram Yoga

and what to expect!

Studio Owner, Wendy Mosgrove, shares the story behind BYMH.

Paige Williams describes her 60-Day Challenge in this two-part article in

Oprah Magazine.


* New Students Only
* Must purchase in studio


We’re changing/adding the following classes at BYMH in January:
Wed 5:30am Inferno Hot Pilates
Thu 5:30am Semi-Silent Hot 60
Thu 6:00pm Inferno Hot Pilates
Thu 7:00pm Bringing back Yin Class
Friday 4:30pm Adding an Inferno Hot Pilates
Friday 5:30pm REMAINS Hot 60
Saturday class start times will be 7:00a (Hot 60) & 8:30a (IHP)
Sunday class start times will be 8:30a (Hot 90)

BYG Friday 5:30 am class has been cancelled
         Friday 12:00 noon Hot 60 class has been added

We’ll have 2 Yin classes per week:
BYG on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm
BYMH on Thursday nights at 7:00pm

Oh, no! Our Morgan Hill washing machine is not working, so please bring your own towels. We'll let you know when we're renting towels again.

"I can't thank you enough for immediately making me a part of the Bikram family, and treating me as if I was one of your own. I never talked about this, but when I came to Bikram yoga, I was a broken man." 


PLEASE limit your showers to 2 minutes. If you notice someone has been in the shower more than 2 minutes, please gently remind them their 2 minutes are up.


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Can you transform

your life in 60 days?

(408) 782-5800         775 Cochrane Rd. Morgan Hill, CA 95037 

(408) 848-0400         60 4th Street Gilroy, CA 95037                   

Please arrive to

class on-time, the

front door will be locked at the start of class.

Bikram Yoga Morgan Hill and Gilroy studios are warm and inviting places to learn how to build strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and muscle tone.

Reduce stress and lose weight. Classes are suited for all ages and levels of ability.

If you know someone who has never been to BYMH or BYG, please invite them to take a class with you for FREE! Spread the word & share the love!

Do you ever wish you could...

   - check your remaining classes

   - check contract expiration dates

   - buy class cards and memberships

   - buy gift cards

Interested in joining our Karma Yoga Volunteer Team?

Team members help maintain our facilities in exchange for FREE, unlimited classes at both of our studios.
Volunteers must practice at least 3 times a week and pledge a 6-month commitment. This program is a great way to become a part of our yoga community, stay healthy, and bring your special energy to a vibrant, healing environment. If you feel that you are a good fit for this energy exchange, please contact Wendy at to set up an interview.

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Each of the 26 postures stretches, strengthens and prepares the body to work specific muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints stimulating the organs, glands and nerves to move fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body.